We have some great independent food vendors in Braddock for meat, veggies, bbq, egg rolls, and more but it's hard to find a good loaf of bread. In response to this, the bread oven's priority is to serve Braddock residents.


If you're a 15104 resident, you can buy bread at the Farm Stand Saturdays between 10-2PM from May-September. You can come to community bread workshops and use the oven's residual heat during open bake and public bake hours. 


With so much support and interest in the oven from communities beyond Braddock, there are opportunities for our out-of-town friends to enjoy our hearth baked breads and use the oven's heat. 


If you're an out-of-town friend, we invite you to register for a bread class and use the oven heat during public bakes.