The original Braddock oven was built in 2008 by North Braddock mason Joe Bonifate. The project was initiated by long time Pittsburgh baker Ray Werner. Ray continues to work tirelessly to bring more outdoor ovens to the Pittsburgh area. The original oven was used frequently by local chefs, bakers and Americorps members for special events in the summer months. In 2013, baker Shauna Kearns began firing the oven year round and selling bread at the Braddock Farm Stand. 


By 2014, enough funds were raised through “pay-what-you-want” bread sales at the Farm Stand to build the foundation for a new oven. The purpose of the new oven was to increase bread production and give more community members an opportunity to use the hearths heat. Inspired by the original oven and the design and function of the Dufferin Grove oven in Toronto, Kearns coordinated the new oven’s construction and sought funding with help from the non-profit Braddock Redux. The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh was brought in to dig and pour the foundation. Wandrian Ovens built the double walled dome. In 2015, Shelton Masonry and the Trade Institute completed the gorgeous exterior you see today. 


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